Accountancy Solution

Bookkeeping | Self-Assessment | Corporation Tax | PAYE | VAT

We offer an extensive range of accounting services to ensure the financial health of your business and the timely and efficient payment of all required taxes. Using our expert analysis, we can ensure you are paying the right amount of tax and can offer advice on where your business can save money

Accountancy Solution

Our Bookkeeping services will help maintain your organizations key accounting record and ensure you are complying with regulations by maintaining accurate records on your financial transactions.

We’ll help with day-to-day services such as recording key daily transactions like your income and outgoings, making sure they’re listed under the right accounts. Our services will also help with processing payments, producing financial reports and summaries, and conducting daily banking activities.

We’ll help you monitor the financial health of your organization and keep you up to date and informed of any irregularities or weaknesses in your financial flows



Many business owners will have to complete a ‘Self-Assessment tax return’ each year for HMRC, to let the tax authorities know how much you have earned each year and from what sources.

It is called a ‘Self-Assessment’ as it is the responsibility of the individual or sole trader business owner to ensure it is completed, however, you can hire outside help or assistance.

We can offer you the services of our expert accountants to help you complete this often-time-consuming task and ensure that you meet all the guidelines set out by HMRC.

Corporation Tax

Every company based in the U.K. and registered with HMRC is subject to corporation tax on their profits. Other companies not based in the UK are still expected to pay corporation tax if the senior management and control of the company is based in the U.K.

Our services will help you work out whether your company is liable for corporation tax and if so, how much profit you make and therefore how much tax is payable based on your profits.

You can face hefty penalties and fines for filing late returns, so it is highly important that your accounting deadlines are met. Our accountants will assist you with the preparation of your accounts, ensuring your corporation tax is paid in full and in a timely


PAYE, also known as Pay as You Earn, is tax deducted from your employee’s salaries before they receive it and is the way most of your employees will pay tax.

Our services will make the calculations needed so you can be sure your business is correctly deducting PAYE and National Insurance Contributions from your employee’s salary


VAT, also known as Value Added Tax, is tax due on sales of goods and services which are eligible. If your business has an annual turnover more than about £85,000+ (£85,000 – year 2020) you must register for VAT. Your VAT payments must be reported to and paid to HMR each financial quarter, with penalties for late or missed payments.

Our services will help to ensure the timely and correct payments of all VAT due, as well as determining whether you may be eligible for a VAT refund on any overpayments. We are also able to register your business for VAT regardless of your turnover as in some cases it may be financially advantageous for you to do so· Unfortunately, we are currently only available to offer our accountancy services to businesses and clients based in England and Wales and who are able to register with HMRC. All our other services are available anywhere in Europe.

Business Consultancy

Business Start-up | Business Plan | Business Research (Product/Market/Legal) | Management | Change Management | Project Management (Strategic Pioneering) | Buying Management | Small Investment Management (Finance Analysis) | Micro Business Consultancy

Our business experts can offer the advice you need to get ahead. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to give your mature business a fresh boost, our consulting services can help you.

Business Start-Ups

Getting started in business can seem like a hugely daunting process, with a lot of work to be done and several important decisions to be made. This can often leave you stuck and struggling to move forward with your ideas.

Our consultants are experienced in the essential early stages of forming a business and understand what you need to prioritize. We can help break down and isolate each task, allowing you to spend your energy where it’s most needed. We’ll answer any questions you have and work with you to develop a clear plan for getting your business on a stable footing in the marketplace.

Starting out is a critical time in the life of a business and can often be the most useful time to seek advice. Using our services, you can get the advice you need to get started, avoid costly mistakes, and begin developing your ideas and making profits.

Business Plans

Whatever stage your business is at, effective planning is essential.

Our consultants are here to help you plan out the future of your business both in the short term and the long term. We can help you refine your ideas and existing strategies and create a plan for success for your business moving forwards.

We’ll analyze key market trends and identify areas for improvement in your current plans before working with you on an agreed plan for the future of your business.

Business Research – Products, Marketing and Legal Aspects.

Business research is essential to getting ahead of your competitors and staying there.

Our business experts, who have experience in a range of fields, will carry out experience on products, market trends and key marketing aspects, as well as heavily researching relevant legal legislation. This will help you build and maintain an advantage and know what to expect when forward planning for your business.

Business Management

Our business management consultants can help your business improve its performance by reviewing existing strategies and practices and looking for how you can change to make your business more efficient.

We’ll use experts from across the business world to identify any issues or problems your business is having and work positively in collaboration with you to find solutions.

Change of Management

A change of management is a time of huge upheaval in many businesses but also offers an opportunity for positive transformation and growth.

Our consultants will guide you every step of the way through this process and work with you to determine what positive change you seek to achieve through replacing your management.

Project Management

Embarking on a new project within your business, whether big or small, is both an exciting and challenging time. Our consultants will make sure your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We can offer expert, impartial advice to ensure your vision for your project is realized.

Purchase Management

We offer purchase management consultancy, also sometimes known as ‘procurement consultancy’, our consultants work closely with your team to analyze your spending costs and identify and achieve savings.

We can then help improve your purchasing strategy going forward and help build your capability to make savings moving forward to help you solidify and sustain your gains in the long term.

Small Investment Management

Strategic investment is essential for your business moving forward. Our consultants offer advice, planning and in-depth analysis ahead of any investments you plan to make to ensure our clients get the most out of any investment they are making.

Finance Analysis

Our finance analysts provide expert advice on a range of financial, investment and tax issues. We’ll work closely with you to analyze your financial records, understand your business objectives, and provide the expertise required to identify, recommend, and realize necessary improvements.

Micro-Business Consultancy

We offer Micro-Business consultant to micro business owners at any stage of the business cycle. We have experts specializing in micro-business ready to work with you on developing business skills, knowledge, strategy, and planning.

We’ll help you avoid common mistakes among micro-business owners and ensure you’re making the most out of your unique position in the market.

IT Consultancy

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Cultural Consultancy

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