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Moon’s Accountancy Service: Bookkeeping | Self Assessment | Corporation Tax | PAYE | VAT Moon’s Business Advisory Service: Business Start-up | Business Plan | Business Research (Product/Market/Legal)  | Management | Change Management | Project Management (Strategic Pioneering) | Buying Management | Small Investment Management (Finance Analysis) | Mortgage preparation Moon’s Translation and Interpreting Service: Currently offering business translation and interpreting services for; English to Bengali (Bangla), Sylheti, Urdu and Hindi (into English)
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Moon’s linking a network of accountants, MBA and business professional’s support to your business

Accountancy Solution:

Our dedicated accounting technicians and qualified accountants are ready to provide you with accounting services that you may require. If you are self-employed or a start-up business we promise to help you grow.

If you need help with any of these services below call us today, we promise to provide you best services with an affordable price.

Bookkeeping | Self Assessment | Corporation Tax | PAYE | VAT

Buying Management:

We aim to provide you with professional help in regards to buying management. Especially for new start-up companies or small companies struggling to predict and forecast. Our team can help you find the relevant information and work it out for you. If you require further assistance we will be here with whatever your business may require. This includes travelling to suppliers and helping to ease the burdens of buying management.

Business Planning / Business Start-up:

Often business plans are made to receive funding and as such fail to actually survive. Our team tries to understand your ideas, business model and the USP in order to create a plan which best suits your needs and attracts potential investors. As you implement this we will be here to help if it’s needed at any stage. We don’t just write a plan, we ensure that it works for you…

Business Research (Product/Market/Legal):

Business research is an important task for all businesses and can become very stressful, unnecessary extra burden for some organisations. When it’s a must, an in depth expert researcher can open many opportunities for your business. Our team comes from varied walks of life accountancy, business management and legal professions and are fully integrated in the economic world ready to investigate any hypothesis. They’ll dig deep into the data ocean and produce a fine report specified to help with reaching an informed decision. Please contact us for more information and any cost.

Change Management:

Organisational transformation or development both require one common challenge which is Change and our specialist dedicated team are constantly practising and improving many businesses. Please call us for further information.

Project Management (Strategic Pioneering):

Project management services includes; designing a project, producing a project profile, preparing project budget and projection, project implementation plan and project management. This can be for any SME’s, government department or charities.

Small Investment Management (Finance Analysis/Management/Mortgage):

There are mainly three objectives that Moon’s manages under small investment management: finance analysis, helping you find and invest in small growing business and helping SME’s finding secondary funding if they fail to secure funding from a primary source such as Bank. We also help individual contractor, freelancer and sole trader preparing for mortgage. We do a pre-assessment for contractor mortgage.

Translation and Interpreting

We are currently offering Translation and Interpreting services for Bengali, Sylheti and Urdu languages. Business documents translation charges are £0.13p each word. Business interpreting £25.00/hour*, NRPSI registered Translator and Interpreter available for Urdu and Bengali (Bangla).

*minimum booking 2.5 hours or £50 minimum charge, interpreter may charge client an additional for travel and accommodation (if needed /in advance).